Ruth Connell seen here at BAFTA Los Angeles, The Britannia Awards, The BAFTA Tea Party, beside the Brave billboard on Times Square, with an Oscar - Eddie Cantor 1956, pictured with John Heard, Grammy Nominated composer Stephen Endelman, filmed by Emmy nominated Tim Qualtrough
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With John Heard in "A Perfect Ending"
Ruth Connell Birthday
Born April 20th Aries on Cusp Taurus Virgo Rising 
'Brave' on Times Square
Britannia Awards 2012 
BAFTA Tea Party 2011
“If I could live my life again

I would try to make more mistakes in the next one,

I would not strive to be so perfect,

truly, very few things would I take seriously.

I would expose myself to dangers,

travel more,

watch more sunsets,

climb more mountains

swim more rivers.

I would go to more places

that I never went to…

For, if you do not know, that is the stuff of life,

only moments; do not miss the Now.� Borges
With Mark Andrews at the BAFTA Awards Season Tea Party
He won the Golden Globe the next day for "Brave" and the Oscar the following month.
Lovely man. Went to Scotland on his honeymoon so he clearly has great taste. That and the kilt at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills
With Eric Roberts at The Toscars 2013
With Eddie Cantor's Oscar
As Captain Hook at The Blank 2013

Jaguar Britannias 2014